This is one of the best hospitals in the Texas Medical Center. They are always on time and very friendly. It makes visiting the doctor actually enjoyable.
Rosa 24/05/2016

I spent 2 weeks at atrium fight bad infection and I was cured.
Raymond 24/05/2016

starWe have been at atrium for the last 50 days my dad had respiratory failure and pneumonia . The Icu staff are very friendly and knows what they doing and their. Doctors are very nice . We were very pleased I hope my dad get better soon.
kinda 24/05/2016

My mother has decubitus ulcer stage 3 and she was in severe pain. Dr Farooq and the wound care star did magic. They were able to close the wound. Their dedications was amazing and everything we asked for we were giving. The hospital was so clean and so elegant. Although some staff have some heavy accent but the were very polite . I recommend this place.
Franek 24/05/2016

My experience has been good with Atrium Medical Center. Everyone was providing assistance. Nurses and all the staff of doctors and managers. The place was very hygiene. I did not feel that I was sick. Everyone was funny. The time passed quickly. I wish them the best always.
Michael 24/05/2016