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ATRIUM MEDICAL CENTER is a Long Term Acute Care Hospital specializing in state of the art care of medically complex patients for an extended period of time.

A personalized plan of care is developed with an interdisciplinary team approach for the specific goals. Families are encouraged to participate in the process so that each patient is returned to the most independent lifestyle possible without compromising the quality of care.

Physicians are board certified specialists including but not limited to CARDIOLOGY, PULMONARY, NEPHROLOGY, SURGERY, INFECTIOUS DISEASE, AND PHYSIATRY.


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This is one of the best hospitals in the Texas Medical Center. They are always on time and very friendly. It makes visiting the doctor actually enjoyable

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Our Chief of Staff

Our Doctors dedication to providing the very best in patient care is founded on our dedication and commitment to this hospital.
Our philosophy is to focus on the patient and his or her family at all times. It is driven by the principles of our doctor performance,

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